Breathtaking Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Just Make Sense

Breathtaking Outdoor Kitchen

Spring is on the way and the dreams of perfect patio parties are returning. Building a breathtaking outdoor kitchen design is the pièce de résistance to your entertainment space. From extra counters to fabulous eating areas and bar tops, we know what will make your backyard look spectacular. Check out our list of must-haves when designing an outdoor kitchen in Las Vegas.

Get Luxurious With a Warm, Cozy Space

Your backyard is a prime space for entertaining. That means you want it to be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Accompany your kitchen area with spacious dining areas and bar tops. A fireplace offers that home-and-hearth feel and a rustic stone look will immediately put your guests at ease. Building an exquisite courtyard is the perfect accompaniment to your new outdoor kitchen.


Go for Plenty of Counter Space

If you’re going to build the ultimate outdoor kitchen, go big! There’s nothing more frustrating than having too little space to move. With additional countertops, there will be plenty of room for your barbeque and food preparation needs! After dinner, those counters can double as a bar for celebratory drink making.

Pro Tip: It’s trendy to install an outdoor fridge for the ultimate entertaining setup. This, paired with a TV, and it will be complete for everything from game day to movie night.

Light Up Your Space for Late-Night Gatherings

Most gatherings start in the afternoon and go into the night. Your outdoor oasis needs to function just as well at midnight as it does at noon. That means lighting and lots of it.

You have so many options to light up your space. Let your imagination go wild! Decide the type of space you’re building. You can hang overhead lights that offer a distinct party vibe, or styles that offer a more romantic aesthetic. Go subtle with lighting under your counters and along the borders of the space. Recessed lighting in your fixtures and features is a must so you can see the food you are preparing.

Bright-white LED lights and app controlled color changing bulbs add a festive feature to any celebratory gathering. For example, nothing says holidays like colored lights on St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween.


Go Big With a Professional Design

Our biggest advice? Plan big no matter what choices you make. The biggest regret after renovations is scrimping and missing out on the features that you really needed. Get the ideas and appliances you will use worked into the design so you will truly enjoy the finished space. Design your entire space with the help of professionals who know how to bring a truly breathtaking backyard into fruition. From inception to build, we can make your ultimate patio list come to life. To get started on an outdoor kitchen in Las Vegas, contact Centerpoint Landscaping or give us a call today!

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