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Our greatest satisfaction comes from bringing beautiful landscape projects to life! It all starts with a vision!

Do you dream of the relaxing sound of falling water coming from a beautiful water feature? Perhaps a subtle desert landscape in keeping with or natural surroundings in what you have in mind. Whatever you imagine, we bring your ideas to fruition with our 3D visualizer- landscape design software. It enables us to help you envision your dream yard in no time.

Our state-of-the-art 3D design technology provides a realistic view of exactly how your landscape will look after construction—no more guessing. Gorgeous ideas for your garden, outdoor living spaces, front yard landscaping, or even a backyard fire pit will awaken!

Planning commercial landscapes can be as enjoyable too. Plus, we address maintenance needs and discuss the upkeep, so your vision is comfortable for you to live with.

3d Landscape Design Services in Las Vegas Nevada

Plan, design, and view your landscapes and outdoor living spaces!

The possibilities are endless: we can place different plants in your flower beds, help you picture your outdoor kitchen, add a terrace or a relaxation area! It is all part of our landscaping design services!

We will help you choose which landscaping plants will work best and determine how much space you will need for your dining area. You are not on your own. We help you all the way. Be as creative as you wish or leave it to us. Our team has installed gorgeous, inspired landscapes all over the valley, and your project deserves the same expertise.

Centerpoint Landscaping could tell you all of the amazing things our outdoor improvements could do for your property. But we’d rather SHOW you instead.

Helping home and business owners in southern Nevada, Las Vegas for more than 20 years, we know the type of quality you want and expect.

That is why, for every project we have, we sit down with you, talk about all of your options so you can make the right choices, then map it all out so you can SEE the difference we can make. This way, everything is as you want it, and we give you the 100% client satisfaction that comes standard with our services.

Why 3D design?

Centerpoint Landscaping is a fully-licensed, bonded, and insured company serving local customers in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada. We have perfected our methods and upgraded our technology over the years to offer more to our customers. Our 3D design technology is not only the culmination of our efforts and the new evolution of landscaping; it provides you the best value and unparalleled information before we even break ground.

You can see what your landscaping project will look like, compare existing elements with new ones, make any changes you want, and sign off on the design that suits you. It is technology that is perfect for any residential or commercial property.

Our primary focus has always been to provide beautiful custom landscapes that offer unique and fresh designs. With a 3D design for all our projects, we can continue that tradition today and for the future!   

For more information concerning our 3D design, or to schedule your FREE landscaping estimate with us, please call Centerpoint Landscaping company at 702-564-1853.

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