How to Landscape for Privacy: Tips from Award-Winning Professionals

How to Landscape for Privacy

The “nosy neighbor” may be a cliché, but sadly it is a common issue that many homeowners face. If you want to keep people from peeking into your yard, consider landscaping for privacy. These easy tips and tricks will improve your seclusion for total relaxation.

How to Landscape for Privacy

You can turn your backyard retreat into a true refuge with privacy landscaping. Too many people suffer a lack of privacy needlessly from open landscapes or simple fences. The key is to consider the layout from both sides – from the yard looking out and the outside looking in. From there, you can analyze your space for the appropriate feature that is best suited for your needs. You can choose multiple options to solve the privacy problem such as:   

  • Hedgerows
  • Fences and walls 
  • Curtained pagodas or gazebos

Separate Your Space With Hedgerows

artificial structures - centerpointlandscaping

Tall hedgerows or shrubs can be a great way to add privacy without erecting walls and artificial structures.Closely  spaced shrubs or even trees can give you that private feeling you desire. You can also shape them how you like with proper trimming and grooming. If you have a large area to work with, try taking advantage of that extra space with convenient walking paths. Hedge mazes are another option for those who want to section off different areas. You will need the advice of our expert landscaping designers to help you select the proper shrubs or trees to thrive in or climate. 

For more inspirational layouts, check out our past projects

Enclose Your Home With Walls And Fences 

privacy fences

Fencing is a time-honored method of generating solitude in your yard; in fact, some fences are referred to as “privacy fences. When constructing fences or walls, make sure the design is visually appealing. For a more welcoming appeal, think about the colors you select and the shape of your fence or wall. You don’t want to feel trapped, and you don’t want your yard to appear like a fortress from the street. Explore this luxe front yard for an excellent illustration.

Allowing vines or ivy to embellish a wall is another way to appear more in tune with nature. Because you don’t want the vines to take over your yard, maintenance is a must. However, if you can remain on top of it, the end product will prove to be quite elegant and regal. 

Curtained Coverage: Pagodas And Gazebos

family-friendly backyard design

A gazebo or pagoda, such as the one seen in this family-friendly backyard design, is a stylish way to create shade in your yard. Add additional coverage from the sun as well as privacy with some flowing, elegant outdoor curtains. If you like more of a natural look, vines or greenery twisted around rustic beams creates an outstanding focal point against the desert landscape in Vegas. 

Together all of these features will create a soothing escape that is not only beautiful but an incredible return on investment. This is why it’s always best to go big or go home!  

Best Landscaping for Privacy and Relaxation

With the proper landscaping, your backyard can become a true haven of privacy. The solution may be simple, but you have to be innovative in order to truly stand out. If you want quality builds and landscaping that always delivers, contact Centerpoint Landscaping now! Your perfect patio or backyard awaits! 

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