Water Makes a True Transformation of Your Backyard

Why do people love Las Vegas water features so much? Easy, it’s because relaxation, serenity, and purity envelopes us as we take in the soothing sounds of falling water. They create a peaceful respite from the otherwise harsh desert climate. Whether a residential backyard fountain or a custom-built wall of water at a commercial property, the presence of a water feature naturally promotes harmony and calmness. 

If you don’t have water features around your Las Vegas property, you’re missing a lot of memorable moments. Water features provide a restful atmosphere for any outdoor space, transforming it into a private oasis where you can sit and relax. You get much-needed comfort from water features while enjoying the soft sounds from fountains and ponds, which significantly enhance the outdoor living experience.

Visitors may gather around your private outdoor spaces when you install these elegant water features while they provide a fabulous backdrop for any special event. In addition to giving you a greater sense of peace, these captivating water elements improve the market value of your Las Vegas property.

Centerpoint Landscaping is known for creating beautiful outdoor spaces combined with exciting water features and hardscape elements for Nevada residential and our commercial clients. Visit our gallery to note some of our completed landscaping projects. We carefully integrate the water features and other landscape amenities into the outdoor spaces to attain beauty and functionality. Water features complement almost any landscape setting while offering occupants and visitors a welcoming atmosphere.


Water Feature Installation in Las Vegas

During our design service discussions, we often recommend appropriate water features that will add value to your existing property. If you like to attract wildlife in your backyard, for instance, we will help you identify the right spot to install garden ponds. However, if you prefer to hear relaxing sounds, consider adding waterfalls somewhere closer to your windows. Perhaps you want a tiered fountain for a traditional but elegant look at the entrance to your home. You may prefer a vessel type water feature or combine several of them to achieve the landscaping theme you want.

Our Landscape Designers will present a comprehensive site development plan or suggested layout configuration to you. Once the project and specifications are approved, our Construction Managers and Crew will install the water features and landscape amenities using the most cost-effective installation techniques possible to expedite the construction process. Since there’s an infinite amount of gorgeous water feature ideas to choose from, we won’t have any problem incorporating them into your existing landscape scenarios, regardless of yard sloping or soil condition.

Some exciting water feature options include:

  • Trimming
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance.
  • Weed control
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Landscape clean-ups
  • Leaf removal
  • Landscape rock maintenance

We can get creative and combine these water amenities with your other outdoor elements, including an outdoor kitchen, garden structures, barbecue islands, and patio furniture. In the front yard, these enhance your curb appeal. Our expert builders can use cement, brick masonry, stones, and composite materials to match your choice of human-made water elements.

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Centerpoint Landscaping is the leading landscape contractor offering clients a comprehensive range of landscaping services in Nevada. From pre-design to the installation of all landscaping elements, we are the trusted authority. All our creations are entirely customized to suit our Nevada clients’ specific needs. To learn more about our design inspirations and our service packages, you may get in touch with one of our experts at 702-564-1853.

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