Don’t Miss These 2022 Landscaping Post-COVID Trends

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We’re all hoping that 2022 will see the end of COVID-19, which means people will be gathering again. As you plan to host your gatherings, you’ll want the best outdoor space you can design. Check out these 2022 landscaping post-COVID trends and take your area to the next level.

COVID protocols keep changing, but we do know that people can feel they can gather outdoors more safely. Making people comfortable is foundational to having a home you can enjoy. If you want to stay on-trend and add value to your home, here are things to consider:

  1. Maximize small spaces
  2. Go green (keep it eco-friendly)
  3. Invest in outdoor entertainment features
  4. Transition between indoor and outdoor areas 
  5. Add hardscaping features

Maximize Small Spaces

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A small space doesn’t mean you have to limit your landscaping. Try growing a smart garden in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Adjust your setup using moveable beds and containers. Consider additional sculptures and decor and flexible alternatives such as vertical gardens.

Don’t know how to maximize your outdoor space? Check out our past projects for inspiration! 

Go Green 

Gardening and landscaping may appear environmentally benign by nature, but this is not always the case. Make sure your features are compatible with your surroundings. Many people enjoy exotic plants, but introducing an invasive species that could harm the ecology is never good. Do some research on the plants that thrive in your area. Pay close attention to the materials utilized in the decor. Make sure they’re responsibly sourced, and buy local when possible. Or, just ask us! 

Invest in Outdoor Entertainment

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Your outdoor space should be functional as well as appealing to the eye. Consider a complete outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, storage, counter space, and bar. Fire pits and fireplaces offer a sense of home and coziness. You can even install an outdoor sound and video system to watch the big game or listen to music. Also, don’t skimp on comfy furniture!

Transition From Indoors to Outdoors

To spruce up your exterior, try extending your interior concept. A screened-in patio can help you expand your living area. To create a relaxing atmosphere in your outside environment, use string lights and track lighting. Inside, use plants to blur the border between sections by gradually increasing the amount of green.

Consider Hardscaping

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You’ve probably heard the term “less is more.” Many people think landscaping is all about getting rid of concrete and adding green. The opposite could be the truth. Hardscaping, particularly in a desert setting, can result in a more comfortable and natural place that requires significantly less upkeep. Explore different features such as walking paths or “living room” style patios. You might be surprised at just how great it is.

Go Big

The COVID-19 pandemic made us appreciate our homes more as many of us spent so much more time at home.  If you’re planning to landscape your property, think big! Making minor adjustments here and there will end up costing you more in the long run than creating your dream yard all at once. 

 Contact Centerpoint Landscaping now to start designing your outdoor space today!

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