Everything You Need to Know about Landscaping Costs

Landscaping Costs

“How much is landscaping for a front yard?” is a common question field professionals hear. Whether you’re doing it yourself or bringing in the pros, knowing the cost breakdown will help you determine what is really worth the investment. Learn about landscaping costs, master plan designs, and when to call in the pros for an outstanding execution.

Things Homeowners Should Consider in Landscaping Costs

There are many things to consider in landscaping costs, but the most important are materials, shipping costs, custom costs, your site, and what you’re willing to pay. Each of these will factor into your budget.

Materials are a significant portion of your budget. Prices can be high, and contractors have no choice but to pass on those costs. Even if you do it yourself, you’ll pay a lot for specific materials. Do your research to figure out what those costs are.

Shipping costs are another expense. Many materials these days are imported from overseas, originating in places like Singapore, China, and India. Be sure you research current shipping costs and factor that into your budget.

Budget for additional elements that you didn’t initially consider. If you need custom work done or an emergency pops up, you might have to increase your budget. Add at least one and a half times the cost of your materials and shipping to cover this.

Custom costs involve special features that you want to add, like rock sculptures and water features. The more involved your custom features are, the higher your budget.

Want to add a personal touch to your landscape? Explore our gallery for amazing outdoor features here. 

Your site matters. Is it easy to access? Will extensive clearing be needed? Does it have efficient drainage areas, and is it awkwardly sloped? Complex natural features can raise your costs, sometimes significantly.

In the end, all of this figures into what you will need to pay. This is where your landscape master plan design comes into the picture.

What Is a Landscape Master Plan Design?

A landscape master plan design guides the development and growth of your space. The more detailed your plan, the easier it is to estimate and stick to your budget. In many ways, a master plan for your landscaping is like a business plan, a personal success plan, or any other major plan. It will help you avoid surprises, understand your goals, and create stages for your process.

How Much Is Landscaping a Front Yard Going to Cost?

Landscaping a front yard can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of your yard and what you want to accomplish. As a rule of thumb, balance your cost-to-value proposition and don’t spend more than roughly 10% of the total value of your home on landscaping.

When to Contact the Professionals

A professional landscaper is almost always worth the investment. You can do a lot yourself, but a professional will help you with your master plan and budgeting. They can remind you of things you may not consider and get the job done right the first time. If you’re looking for a professional landscape installation company in Henderson that truly cares, we’re ready to help. Contact Centerpoint Landscaping or give us a call today!

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