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The 40th anniversary Best of Las Vegas award winners were recently announced, and our team is proud to have been presented with two awards this year. Thanks to the votes we received from our loyal customers, we took home the Gold award in the Landscaping category and a Silver award in the Best Outdoor Kitchens section. Today we’re going to share a little bit more about this award and how useful it is to both customers and businesses in the Las Vegas area.

What is the Best of Las Vegas Awards?

The Best of Las Vegas awards is an annual online awards contest that celebrates some of the best businesses in the Las Vegas area. This year, voting began on August 30th and finished on September 23rd. During that time, an incredible 5.7 million votes were cast, with local residents and businesses celebrating the companies they know and trust in the Las Vegas area. There are over 400 categories celebrated in these awards, and the audience of Best of Las Vegas are able to nominate outstanding businesses, establishments, and people in the Las Vegas area. If you are ever looking for somewhere to visit or a business to work with in Las Vegas, it’s an excellent resource to find the best companies in hundreds of different categories.

Upon the finalization of the nominees each year, individuals around the world can vote in each category once every twenty-four hours. Once the voting period is finished, the votes are closed and tallied, and we waited in suspense to find out if we would be awarded prizes in any of the categories this year. We were thrilled to learn that we received not one but two awards this year. Our team was honored to receive the Gold award in the Landscaping category and a Silver award in the Best Outdoor Kitchens section.

The History of the Award

While we are thrilled to receive two awards this year, it’s even more special to be nominated and awarded these on the 40th anniversary of these prestigious Las Vegas awards. They started back in 1981 in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which first launched the awards with a small reader’s opinion poll. Of course, since that time and the invention of the internet, the awards have expanded to include 14 main categories and over 400 sub-categories. The awards are now the largest Best Of awards in the United States, with millions of locals and visitors sharing their opinion on what to do and who to trust in the city. We are proud to be celebrated among hundreds of other incredible companies in the city, all of whom strive to make the life of the residents of Las Vegas just that little bit better through our work.

The Honor of Winning a Best of Las Vegas Award

As a local company, we are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated and recognized in the Best of Las Vegas awards. The companies who receive the awards are all nominated by visitors to the website, who select their favorite local businesses to be voted upon in various categories. You’ll find that there are categories to fit almost every business possible, and we were excited to receive these nominations within the Home & Garden category. This category is focused on elevating the quality of Las Vegas real estate by offering local residents all of the services they could need to enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious living experience in the city.

The competition to win a Best of Las Vegas award is incredibly stiff, and we were absolutely shocked and overjoyed to hear we had won two awards this year. This would not have been possible without the help of those who nominated and voted for us this year. Here at Centerpoint Landscaping, we strive to give locals the stunning exterior space they’ve always dreamed of having. Whether you have just moved to Las Vegas or are looking to renovate your current home, we’ll be here to support you in this process. One of the things that sets us apart is that we use full 3D design in our landscaping work. We are excited to have been recognized for our high-quality services and work, and these awards will only motivate us to continue to offer our loyal customers the best-in-class service in the future.

A Huge Thank You for Voting for Us

It goes without saying that we couldn’t have received these awards without the thousands of people who logged in to the Best of Las Vegas voting site each day. We are incredibly overwhelmed by the support we’ve received, and we appreciate you all taking the time to vote for us each and every day. Our team is incredibly passionate about serving the local community of Las Vegas with our landscaping and outdoor kitchen services. To be recognized in this way fills us with so much joy and inspires us to keep improving our services year after year to serve you to the best of our ability. We couldn’t believe it when we heard we had received two awards, and we can only hope this is the beginning of great things for our company in the future. If you took the time to vote for us each day, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Best of Las Vegas awards are a great way to find reliable and professional companies, venues, and individuals in the Las Vegas area. No matter what service or product you are after, their directory of the award winners is well worth taking a look at. For more information about the Best of Las Vegas awards or to see the winners in each Centerpoint Landscaping, visit their site today. You’ll find our company proudly listed in the Landscaping and Outdoor Kitchens sections, thanks to the votes from our clients. We’ll be excited to work with you on your upcoming landscaping project or an outdoor kitchen, and we hope to continue working with Las Vegas residents on their homes for many years to come.

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