Upgrade Your Landscape With Fantastic Lighting Features

Landscape with lighting features

Did you know that proper lighting can transform your landscape into a staggering masterpiece? Learn how to upgrade your space with fantastic lighting features and where to go to make your dream designs a reality. 

Benefits of Lighting to Upgrade Your Landscape

The addition of landscape lighting can add value to just about any remodel. For one, it makes your home and yard look much safer. Thieves are less likely to break into a well-lit place where everyone can see them. Landscape lighting is also a smart way to add value to your home in terms of curb appeal. It’s a lot of return for comparatively little investment.

Go Big or Go Home

You may be tempted to add small features here or there, but if you want the best value for your project, go big! Just be sure to do it tastefully. Bigger projects are still quite affordable and can add a lot more to the value of your finished product.

Want to add value to your home? Check out this fantastic backyard renovation for inspiration. 

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Trees

The two major types of landscape lighting for trees are uplighting and downlighting. Which one you choose depends on the overall effect you want. Uplighting uses fixtures placed in the ground to shine upon the trees, illuminating their leaves and canopy. It’s a fantastic way to show off your trees at night and provide a bold, dramatic look. You’ll need to adjust the angle, aim, and position of your lighting based on what type of trees you have.

tree lighting

On the other hand, downlighting is when a fixture is added to the tree to shine down on the ground. This can provide the look of sun or moonlight. You’ll need to hide wires in the process, but when done right, it’s gorgeous.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Driveways

When it comes to driveways, keep your lighting soft, so people pulling in aren’t blinded. You also don’t want your driveway to look like an airport runway. A subtle layout will help light the entire driveway without looking like a landing strip. Again, you’ll need the right eye for design.

Lighting Water Features

water lighting

If you have water features like a swimming pool or fountain, lighting can make them more usable and attractive. Keep your lighting gentle and refined so that it is unobtrusive. Light the feature along with the area around it. Colored lighting can add a whole new dynamic.

These are just a few of many ideas for your landscape lighting projects. For more or to get started, contact Centerpoint Landscaping today!

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