Illuminate the beauty of your outdoor spaces while protecting your property!

Everyone enjoys viewing a beautiful landscape design. When visitors approach your home or commercial property, they should see an impressive vista of trees, plants, hardscapes, and water features. Landscape lighting completes the picture! Proper landscape lighting is an essential component of your outdoor experience.

Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate the benefits of professionally installed lighting equipment. It showcases the elements, lights the paths, and enhances the entire view while protecting the property. Lighting is the icing on the cake, and when done right, the whole atmosphere of your outdoor living environment comes to life.  

Of course, there is a vast selection of outdoor lighting styles available on the market. Choosing the best type means considering the functionality, the esthetics, and the correct placement. Our team will guide you as we are creating your lighting plan. The correct choices mean you’re able to secure your property from potential intrusion while showcasing the beauty of your other landscape elements at night. Plus, your landscape lighting should keep your outdoor spaces and pathways bright for everyone’s safety.

Las Vegas Landscape Lighting Services

Nothing beats the professional approach when it comes to efficient and systematic backyard or front yard lighting installations. Our lighting services are essential to showcase beautiful commercial landscapes too. At Centerpoint Landscaping, the fun part is flipping the (figurative) switch and watching the property owners’ eyes light up when their landscape design comes together!


LED lighting.

You’ve put so much time and effort into creating a landscape masterpiece for your Las Vegas home. You need high-quality, and energy-efficient led lighting to bring out its remarkable beauty at night. We will customize your led lighting plan and install it following the best practices for your preferred unit design, illumination power, type of lighting, and purpose.

For instance: 

  • Task lighting is used to illuminate spaces like outdoor kitchens. 
  • Spotlighting directs the light downward to highlight special landscaping features. 
  • Tree lighting creates a beautiful ambiance.
  • Floodlights provide outdoor security lighting protection against intruders to keep everyone safe inside. 

Every lighting project is specifically designed according to your own set of needs and requirements. We thoroughly review the options with you before completing your project. 

It’s a pleasure guiding our customers about all of the installation and design options they have. It’s fun to explore lighting inspirations that ultimately will enhance your beautiful landscaping design. 

Reliable Landscape Lighting Services in Las Vegas

Centerpoint Landscaping now offers a broad range of professional lighting services to all Las Vegas clients, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Our certified Landscape Designers can plan your desired lighting system using the most effective installation methods at an affordable cost. We perform multiple lighting services for both residential and commercial properties:

  • Layout design and configuration
  • Lighting selection
  • Pathway lighting installation
  • Tree lighting installation
  • Led Landscape lighting (spotlights, lanterns, task lights, and floodlights)
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Lighting repairs and replacement
  • Solar lighting for outdoors
  • Deck lighting
  • Custom lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Underwater lights
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Flood lights and motion detector lights

When you contact Centerpoint Landscaping, our team from our Office Manager to our Landscape Designers, Construction Managers and Crew are looking forward to walking you through all the choices you have available. For more information about our lighting installation services, contact our experts at 702-564-1853.

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