Blow Family and Friends Away with an Exquisite Courtyard

Courtyard landscaping

A courtyard is a perfect way to increase property value while wowing friends and family. Courtyards offer a classic, elegant, and timeless sense of relaxation to just about any yard. Learn what makes a classy courtyard and get some inspiration for your next renovation.

How Courtyard Landscaping Can Upgrade Your Home

A courtyard can upgrade any home. Consider features like growing greenery, topiary, and seasonal flowers for something fresh and unique. The key is to go big or go home. Don’t just add a few tweaks; create a complete outdoor retreat for entertaining. You’ll add far more value to the property and get the most enjoyment out of the results.

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Consider a few specific designs for your courtyard. Select wall colors that complement the surroundings. Consider features like mirrors to draw the eye and make a small space larger. Adorn spaces with plaques, friezes, sculpture, and statuary. Choose the proper lighting along the walls to add a sense of mystery and refinement. On the other hand, water features are a soothing element that produces a peaceful atmosphere. 

Create Elegant Simplicity with a Courtyard Paradise

CPL Steve House

This elegant yet straightforward courtyard idea involves using pavers and loose stones to create winding pathways among a few trees and shrubs. Loose rock and pebbles can be added to fill channels as needed. This makes clear guidelines and pathways to enjoy. It’s a simple addition that transforms the space. 

Embrace the Elements with a Water and Fire Garden

raw fire and water backyard

This courtyard combines raw fire and cascading water features for a stunning backyard paradise. A refining fountain is fed by a stunning water wall at the far end. The sounds of cascading water relaxes all who are near. Then in the center of it all, a stone fire pit dons a glorious flame for a sense of warmth and light.

Create an Ultramodern Backyard Resort

luxury resort backyard

This one brings the luxury of a resort to your backyard. The main focal: a relaxing pool offset by a connecting whirlpool spa. Adjacent is a patch of lawn for added space and room for outdoor activities. An elegant pagoda filled with comfortable furniture provides a place to relax and a complete outdoor kitchen for entertaining.

Consider an Elegant Japanese Retreat

Japanese inspired zen backyard

This exceptional walled yard complements the Asian-inspired features and greenery. Models of Japanese Buddhist temples and post lights illuminate the area while water features add a sense of Zen.

These are just a few inspirational ideas for your courtyard landscaping. For more ideas or to get started now, contact the pros at Centerpoint Landscaping!

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