Inspirational Designs for the Perfect Paver Patio

Paver Patio

Fall is an excellent time to invest in an outdoor space. With less growing this season, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your new design set up and ready for the new year. Learn why pavers are the way to go and how you can utilize them to create an extravagant outdoor paradise!

Using Pavers Is an Investment

Using pavers for a major project will extend the life of your patio or outdoor space. They’re sturdy and designed to take on a lot of heavy wear. They’re also low-maintenance once they’re properly installed and sealed. In short, paver patios are an investment worth making! 

Get Creative With Layouts

Don’t settle for an easy one-dimensional design!  Get creative by building upon different textures and elevations. For example, try constructing bricks within the center of your patio before surrounding it with marble. You could also make a winding pathway through a sea of granite or mix shapes to create an exciting sightline. Getting creative with layouts is the key to a perfect paver project.

creative landscape

Achieving Your Perfect Look

There are two reasons people redo their patio. The first is to add value to their home. The second? To suit their specific taste and aesthetics. Consider your reason for renovating before deciding what look best suits your needs. 

Who will be using the patio, and for what? If it’s a place that will receive a lot of foot traffic, use a flat, even surface with just a bit of texture to keep the surface from getting slippery. If the area is just for show, you can go for uneven structures and polish-smooth looks. If you’re working with a lot of green space, design a grid pattern or brick circle with pathways to offset the greenery. The ideas are endless.

paver patio

Get Paver Patio Ideas at Centerpoint Landscaping

Need more inspiration? Centerpoint Landscaping has a gallery of wondrous designs. We offer a wide range of pavers, from flagstone to brick, and everything in between. Construct the paver patio of your dreams and contact Centerpoint Landscaping today!

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