How To Tell If Your Sprinklers or Irrigation Need Repair or Replacing

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People rely on their sprinkler and irrigation systems to keep their landscaping alive and healthy. A leaky system isn’t just an inconvenience; it can damage your lawn, plants, and even your home. Learn how to tell if your irrigation system is leaking and where you can find help.

How to Tell if Your Irrigation System is Leaking

There are many signs of a leaking system, but not all are apparent. Learning how to tell if your irrigation system is leaking means looking for subtle clues as well as obvious ones. One sign of leakage is a gushing water spout, which can mean a broken spray head or line leak. If you see puddles or flooding between the heads, a slow, steady leak could be lurking beneath the surface.

If an irrigation head is steadily trickling water when the system is off, you may have a leaking valve underground or a worn diaphragm. Darker or taller grass near a sprinkler head is a subtle sign that the area is getting more water than others. Dirty water or lowered water pressure are signs of clogged lines. Water that dribbles out into the street is a sign of poor drainage or overwatering. It can also mean a broken head. Fungus on the curb is a sign of the same. Finally, fan-shaped sediment on the sidewalk can result from the water-carrying soil coming from a broken head.

The Risks and Damages of a Leaking System

Your leaking system can cause many issues, and it all depends on where it is located. The least physically damaging and most common is a skyrocketing water bill. The leak can also, however, damage your landscaping by removing good soil, overwatering your plants, and turning your yard into a swamp.

Water constantly leaking onto your sidewalk can damage the pavement leading to expensive sidewalk repairs. Finally, a nasty leak close to your home can cause water seepage in your foundation and structural damage to your home. A leaking irrigation system is nothing to underestimate.

Can I Fix a Leaking Irrigation System?

Some leaks can be easily fixed. Broken heads and bad valves are easy to remove and replace. A problem underground, however, is a trickier prospect. Taking the wrong steps can worsen the issue or create new ones. Digging too far down, for example, can cause damage to the waterline. This can result in flooding in your yard or home. 

It’s always best to call in the professionals to step in and patch things up properly. Not only can a professional landscaper identify the problem, but install permanent safeguards like leak detection systems to make sure the issue doesn’t come back. Contact Centerpoint Landscaping today if your irrigation system is leaking and you need more help!

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