Styling a Covered Patio in Las Vegas

Covered Patio in Las Vegas

Homeowners with patio covers understand that shaded backyards are vital during the summer. Well-lit areas for evening plans and smartly designed covers for the day keep the sun off the festivities and allow you to use your backyard whenever you want. Learn what we recommend for patio covers in Las Vegas, and take your landscaping to the next level.

Different Types of Patio Covers

As you plan your backyard oasis, you’ll find many ideas to create shade. We consider a few things when building the perfect outdoor escape:

Size: Take into consideration the size of your backyard when surveying patio cover designs. We find striking a balance of covered area to open space increases the usability of your backyard.

Material: In Las Vegas, we construct coverings in metal, aluminum, and steel. Our goal is to lengthen the longevity of your backyard setup against the sun’s scorching heat. Safety and practicality work in tandem with design.

Ceiling Design: We love to incorporate a lattice to let the light shine while still providing shade. On the tails of the rafters, we can also place corbel, scallops, bevels, or miter to fit the flare of your aesthetic. This is also a great place to think about landscaping for privacy.

Post Design: Upgrade the posts for your cover with slight nods of shape and design to match your look. Options include standard, square (styled either in Spanish or Recessed), stucco, or stacked stone columns.  

Fans: Including a fan in your covered patio is as simple as adding electrical integration. With the added air circulation, your deck offers more refreshing air throughout the summer.

Making Your Space

When getting your deck design ready, showcase your style through smart choices. Keep your landscape and existing structures in mind when planning. Landscape design keeps a unified look and feel to the area and works with existing structures and landscape features. The shapes and sizes of elements in your design make a difference in the finished result. We make our visions real with a 3D model. Learn more about our 3D Landscape Design in Henderson, NV.

Aluminum is rising in popularity here in Las Vegas. It offers a low-maintenance structure that’s great for resisting weather and standing up to the elements. You can even install faux finishes to make it look like almost any material you can imagine. 

Want to learn more about the materials we use? Give us a call: (702) 564-1853

Patio Covers Las Vegas
Centerpoint Landscaping is ready to help you determine ideas for covered patio setups in your outdoor oasis. We offer a vast range of landscaping expertise to help you make the dream space real. Contact Centerpoint Landscaping or call us today to get started with your order!

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