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Springtime is the most popular season for backyard designers in Las Vegas. Desert landscaping is tricky, especially if you are looking to provide a space that’s functional, comfortable, and beautiful. Fortunately, you don’t have to work it out on your own. Find out more about Centerpoint Landscaping’s services and why we work hard to be the best backyard designers in Las Vegas.

Introducing Centerpoint Landscaping

Centerpoint Landscaping is a full-service landscape design and construction company based in Las Vegas. We have been in business for over 20 years, providing quality workmanship in design, installation, and maintenance of outdoor living spaces. Our company tailors the landscaping to your needs. Our goal is to create beautiful spaces that last generations.


Services Built For Your Needs

Every landscape installation is a unique project. To make the planning more accessible to our clients, Centerpoint Landscaping offers virtual design services in the form of 3D landscape design. This service allows our customers to bring us questions, needs, and alterations before ever putting a shovel in the ground. 

We are always happy to discuss your needs and create a custom plan that best fits your needs while meeting your budget. Our staff members are thoroughly trained. They tackle any challenge and form a strategy using their knowledge and experience. In addition, Centerpoint Landscaping provides the information and education you need to maintain your new landscape for many years to come. Take a look at some of the many services our professionals can complete for your home:

Outdoor Kitchens

Water Features

Pavers and Retaining Walls

Landscape Lighting

Japanese Garden Design

Artificial Turf and Putting Green Installation

Residential Maintenance Services

Award-Winning Results

It takes the best to get the best Henderson landscaping. Centerpoint Landscaping is proud to hold multiple community-voted Best of Las Vegas awards, including Gold and Silver awards for Best Landscaping and Outdoor Kitchens. Receiving these awards has been an enormous honor for us, and we’re proud to be among the local companies to have earned the recognition. Check out some of the jobs that won us these awards:


●     Colossal Yard Perfection: This yard combines water features, a pool, a pagoda, and stunning paver and wall work to create a massive and luxurious outdoor space.

●     Warm and Cozy Backyard: This backyard living space brings the comfort of home outdoors with a fireplace, a TV, comfy furnishings, and an entire kitchen space.

●     Water and Fire Garden: This small garden showcases how fire and water features can turn a tiny yard into a beautiful Zen spot for relaxation.

If you’re ready to bring your backyard paradise to life, contact Centerpoint Landscaping or give us a call today!

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