Pool Landscape to Beat the Henderson Heat

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The backyard pool is a staple of the Henderson lifestyle. While southern Nevada is known for its flashy casinos, celebrated entertainment, and world-class shopping, nothing says desert oasis like a breathtaking backyard swimming pool. However, creating a design flow from landscape to pool can be tricky. Take our advice, and read about how to perfect your pool landscaping in Henderson, NV.

Good Pool Landscaping Matters

Landscaping around a pool should create a relaxing environment. We recommend maximizing privacy, safety, and shade for your pool. 

Lighting: Lighting around the pool is key to creating your outdoor oasis. Consider adding LED, solar, deck, and path lighting to illuminate your space at night. Adding illuminated areas creates not only ambiance but also safety. Ask us about our tree lighting installations if you want a more natural look.

Plants: Decorating the edges of a pool with foliage completes the paradise aesthetic; however, there are a few things to keep in mind. Choose plants that shed very little to minimize pool cleaning. We recommend adding space between the plants and pool, too. 


Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: Drip and sprinkler irrigation systems can be installed in conjunction with landscape lighting and make plant care incredibly easy. Having an easy watering system keeps plants looking healthy all throughout the year.

Shade: Shade is key to a pool landscape design – especially in Henderson, NV. One way to get natural shade is with trees. However, we recommend building awnings and patio covers out of aluminum. Building in aluminum lasts longer in the desert weather and heat. If you don’t add shade over the pool, we recommend having a shade option nearby to escape the sun after a perfect pool day. Plants and covers also offer privacy to the backyard.

The Perfect Entertainment Area By The Pool

Patio and decks create a great entertainment area near your pool. They can be used for playing games or just relaxing. One of the best aspects of these spaces is that they allow you to watch children or dogs while still enjoying the outdoors. We suggest adding the bonus of an outdoor kitchen. There are no limits to what you can do with a deck area, so get creative! 

Center Your Space: Water & Fire Features
Water and fire features make a striking focal point for your backyard. We recommend fire pits because it gives you and your guests a place to dry after a great day partying in the pool. 

If you want to add value to your home, consider a contemporary water feature or waterfall design. Water and fire features add value to the property because they increase the livability of the space. A water feature makes a great pair to the pool aesthetic, too.


Landscaping Makes the Space

Well-designed pool landscaping in Henderson, NV, can be tricky. With these pool and landscape design elements, you’ll be able to cool off in style. To get the look you want, prioritize proper installation and design; this ensures the pool area is functional while minimizing repair and maintenance down the road. When you need the best landscapers to produce your perfect pool area, contact Centerpoint Landscaping or call us today!

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