Relaxation Hack: Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Put the gardening tools back in the garage and take your weekend back. By following these low-maintenance landscaping tips, you can minimize your yard work and maximize your relaxation time. There is no need to stress all weekend about your outdoor living space when you can enjoy a low-maintenance yard.

Extend Your Patio Area

When you add a larger paved patio area to your landscaping, you automatically have less grass and fewer plants to worry about, so you will have more time to enjoy your outdoor space. Consider dividing the space into different zones so everyone has a space to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. You can even create walkways so that friends and family know which way they should move around it. If you have a large backyard, you may even want to add a second secluded area hidden from the rest of the patio where you can enjoy your morning coffee before facing the day’s pressures. Visit this pavers page for some inspiration.

Make Wise Plant Choices

Desert plants are the best choices for Las Vegas landscape design. Still, you need to consider your plant choices carefully. Different areas of your yard get unique amounts of sunshine, so choose plants that will thrive with that amount of light. When placing new plants, ensure they have enough room to spread as they will look even more beautiful and be easier to take care of regularly. Remember that adding plants to your landscape often requires additional work, so make wise choices and leave the hard work to your neighbors. Here are some more ideas for Vegas friendly plants.

Automate Your Watering

Skip the long hours of watering your landscape by choosing plants requiring very little water. Then, automate the system by adding an irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems are an outstanding choice for desert plants. If you have trees in your landscaping, ensure that you install enough heads that about 66% of the ground under the tree’s canopy gets wet. Early morning water is essential so plants can use it before it evaporates. Pay special attention to watering schedules if your area implements them.

Use specimen plants

Specimen plants are plants that create a focal point in your yard. You can choose them for their unique texture, color or shape. They instantly give viewers’ eyes somewhere to rest, and they form a memory in their minds. Therefore, if you keep a specimen plant or two in your landscaping that will wow visitors, they will not notice if you have paved most of your backyard. Some possible choices in Las Vegas include Joshua trees, bearpoppy and banana yucca. These choices require minimal care, and you can place rocks or sand around them to make them look more natural while eliminating yard work.

Following these easy tips and tricks, you can have a beautiful yard without stressing over it.

If you are searching for more hacks on low-maintenance landscaping? Stop wasting your time and contact our specialists at Centerpoint Landscaping.

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