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The area of Nevada that includes Las Vegas gets a great deal of sun. In fact, the native plants in the region have adapted to on 26 days of rain a year, totaling just over 4 inches annually. Adding plants that require a great deal of water may introduce an invasive species or simply take a lot of irrigation and still struggle.

Desert plants can provide remarkable beauty. Putting in plants that will thrive in the climate of Las Vegas can still create a gorgeous lawn. You can also add lighting and structures that will add to the beauty of your landscape while reducing the work it will take to keep your yard looking wonderful.

Walkways and Paths

Adding a concrete walkway or a gravel pathway for visual interest is one of the most sustainable garden ideas you can put to work around your home. For example, you can add solar lights along the edge of the path and use pale gravel to increase the light and safety along the path.

There are simple, cheap garden ideas that can contribute to your environmentally friendly landscaping goals. For example, you can customize cement tiles for your garden. A simple concrete kit can help you create stones in series; you can dye them with a spray bottle of concrete spray or use your grandchildren’s hand and footprints to mark a tile or two. Be sure to add a date so you can commemorate this activity.

Stone walkways can also add a sense of timeless elegance to your yard. There may be no grass to create a sweeping vista from the street to your front door, but flowers in pots can be extremely inviting at the entrance and you can avoid mowing!

Consider Adding Garden Structures

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A gazebo over a stone patio can create a sense of elegance and will last for years once constructed. Consider adding lattice and putting vining plants in pots so you can grow your own shade.

You can also feature plants that need a bit more TLC in pots, rather than trying to irrigate a flower bed. If you love flowering annuals or a particular perennial, you can create an environmental garden by clustering plants that need a lot of water into one pot. Water it daily and enjoy it.

Celebrate the Beauty of Native Plants

Using native plants will allow you several benefits.

  • They will thrive with little effort
  • Desert flowers offer bright colors and beautiful detail
  • Native plants repel native insects

If you’ve ever put in a tender plant that thrived in a cooler or wetter climate, you may have noticed how many desert bugs and pests were drawn to it. Native plants have evolved to repel invasive insects and thrive.

For those who are not sure where to start, it may be helpful to study the desert while it’s blooming. Occasionally, Death Valley even has a super bloom that will show you just how gorgeous the flowers of the desert can be.

There is little joy in putting in plants that will struggle and suffer. You want to enjoy plants that are thriving. Don’t fight the desert; you won’t win and you’ll lose a lot of plants in the process. Instead, work with the climate. You’ll enjoy a wider variety of more affordable plants and you can enjoy them all year long.

The desert landscaping experts at Centerpoint Landscaping are excited to help you fall in love with new plants. They can also help you build structures that you can use in all seasons in your Las Vegas or Henderson garden.

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