5 Landscaping Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

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2022 has been a year dedicated to various home projects, including gardening. People tend to focus on their lawns and gardens as the weather gets warmer. Gardening is officially on the up and up, with a new gardening trend around every corner. Whether it’s urban farms, edible gardening, or sustainable landscaping, we’re seeing an increase in gardening trends that will be huge in 2023. This urban farming trend has the most potential impact on home gardens and food production over the next few years. You want to give your property the best curb appeal possible, and that’s why the following list of Las Vegas landscaping trends will become huge to provide you with some ideas for your landscape in the future.

1. Made in the Shade Gardens

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The new trend of planting in raised garden beds is about to get even more significant. It’s cost-effective and time-effective, giving you much more time to relax in your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. As a follow-up to this trend, we’ll see an increase in Mediterranean-styled gardens featuring stones, columns, fountains, and arches. You can make Statues, garden walls, and paving stones from recycled brick and stone, as well as other natural materials.

2. Pots & Containers

Many homeowners are starting to love extended vistas of stone, cement pots, and natural rock. The concept is to create a serene haven in your beautiful outdoor space where you can escape the bustle of work or school and get the most out of the fresh air and sunshine. It’s also a great way to display beautiful flowers, plants, and succulents.

3. Geometry Mixed with Nature

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Gardening, building, and sculpting will all become more about creating and enhancing geometric patterns with nature. The combination of geometric shapes with plants and land features creates a beautiful garden look, making it much more appealing. This trend will be popular with the younger audience looking to express themselves differently. The many geometric shapes in nature are used as inspiration for this trend. You’ll see more of this look as people seek a unique, clean and unique flair in their yards.

4. Water-Conscious Gardens

Right now, the number one trend is a water-conserving garden. What exactly does this mean? You’ll see more “hydroponic gardens,” designed to mimic nature and grow plants without soil by simply having water in pots. You’ll also see “self-watering gardens” where the plant needs no supplemental or supplemental water in the form of irrigation or drip systems. This will result in a much longer life span for the plants, with less watering and maintenance needed over time. The best place to start is with a rain barrel since it allows you to collect water from outside from rain. This way, you can use that accumulated water in your garden instead of letting it run down the drains or into your sewer system.

5. Subdued Colors

Nothing says peaceful and restful, like a herb garden in the middle of a vibrant color palette. You’ll see a relaxing backdrop with muted colors, giving your garden a cozy atmosphere. Plants’ beauty will come from how the light hits the shades and the various plants’ textures. Less use of flowers will be seen in the garden, while there will be an increase in flowering bushes, plants, and trees. Wood, stone, and even recycled brick will be used to make beautiful features without adding anything other than beauty and nature.

Having a vision is the best way to start your new garden project. Your picture will help you choose the suitable materials and styles to achieve that goal. Contact Centerpoint Landscaping today for a good landscape design and get the right fit for your space.

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