Las Vegas Winter Landscaping Tips & Tricks

Las Vegas Winter Landscaping

Top 3 Winter Landscaping Tips & Tricks in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas winter weather is always mild. But do not be fooled; it can still wreak havoc on your plants and lawns. That is why you should consider the following winter landscape tips. They talk about how to prep your space for the cold as well as care for your plants during winter.

Section 1: Prep Your Space for the Cold

There are around three practical ways to prepare your lawn for the cold. First, start by raking leaves that tend to litter the yard during fall. While raking leaves, make sure you get rid of debris. That is because debris may smother your grass or even prevent new grass from growing.
Secondly, cut the grass. To be precise, your grass should be approximately a couple of inches tall after cutting it. Cutting your grass shorter not only protects new growth but also prevents your Las Vegas yard from being turned into a feeding zone by rabbits and other pests.
Another thing to do to prep your space for the cold is to aerate and fertilize your lawn with the proper type of fertilizer for winter. Ensure you do this before the first freezing temperature. While your lawn will not use plenty of fertilizer during winter, the nutrients will remain stored in the soil. Therefore, when warm weather starts to set in, they will be utilized.
You should also cover succulents and wrap cacti if necessary.

Section 2: Keep Your Perennial Roots Warm and Healthy

Winter landscape in the Las Vegas climate demands that you refresh your mulch so your perennial roots can stay warm and healthy. This crucial step of keeping perennial roots safe in cold Las Vegas winter weather ensures your plants bloom again when spring comes. The mulch you add seals in moisture for the winter weather.
Since this section is about protecting your shrubs and trees, the next tip is to prune your plants. And this should be done in early winter or late fall. This is no doubt the best time to prune plants since most of them are dormant during this period. Pruning in early winter or late autumn allows the fresh wounds of plants to slowly heal before spring. What’s more, Las Vegas winter weather often brings strong winds. This means trimming just before winter can help protect your home from these hostile weather conditions.

Covering shrubs and young plants is another thing to do to ensure a healthy Las Vegas yard during winter. You should do this before an overnight freeze. During winter, newly planted young trees need extra care. This should be done until they grow to become thick enough to survive on their own with little care. If not protected well enough, small plants, shrubs, and trees can easily suffer from freezing damage. Besides, rodents tend to eat small, young plants during winter due to food scarcity.

Section 3: Winterize Your Lawn Equipment

Pay attention to the weather report. If it indicates that temperatures will drop to below freezing point in Las Vegas, make sure you shut off your outdoor water supply. You should also protect the main shut-off valve from freezing by insulating it. To do this, wrap the valve with a plastic bag and foam insulation tape. You also need to insulate extra pipes above ground if there are any.
Additionally, consider removing the end caps of your irrigation system before an overnight freeze. A good number of irrigation lines are equipped with a screw-off end cap in every irrigation zone. When you remove end caps before an overnight freeze, you provide frozen water with an escape route. This, in turn, protects lines from swelling and cracking.

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We know how precious your shrubs, plants, trees, grass, and irrigation system are to you. That is why we have provided you with the above winter landscape tips. But that’s not all; you can also contact us for desert landscaping in Las Vegas. That is because, at Centerpoint Landscaping, we are committed to keeping your Las Vegas yard aesthetically pleasing. Please contact our specialist today if you need more information or have any questions about landscaping during winter.

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