Ideas for Adding Interest and Color to Your Yard

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The main goal of landscape planning in Las Vegas is to create a visually appealing yard. It includes working with a reputable Las Vegas landscaping company to add interest and color to your yard. To achieve this, the company often relies on native plants, rock elements, and water features.
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1. Begin with Desert plants

It is hard to add interest and color to your yard without using plants. If thoughtfully planted and cared for, plants, play a considerable role in improving the aesthetics of your yard. To get the best out of your plants, it is advisable that you go for those that are appropriate for our region. Las Vegas is hot and dry for a major part of the year. As such, plants that do well tend to have the following in common:

  • Easy Adaptability to Local Climate and Soil Conditions
    Native plants are well adapted to local climate and soil conditions. This means you are unlikely to spend a lot of time and money on chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Require Less Frequent Watering
    Desert plants in Las Vegas, Nevada do not require much water. Expect to save money on your water bill if you use plants in place of grass and have healthier plants at that.
  • Play a Role in Balancing the Ecosystem
    Apart from improving the aesthetics of your yard, Las Vegas’ native plants play a huge role in providing habitat to local wildlife. They are home to tiny animals and insects. For example, earthworms and beetles improve soil aeration, which, in turn, helps plants thrive. The result is a yard full of life, even in the desert.

2. Adding Rocks and Boulders to Elevate Your Yard Design

Rock elements will add a natural look and feel to your yard. They are highly recommended because they offer an affordable option to create a visually appealing yet low-maintenance yard. Here are the benefits of adding rock elements to your yard:

  • Upkeep is easy
    Installing decorative boulders and stones in your yard means one less thing to maintain. They do not wear out, discolor or run away! There is no upkeep needed and they add texture and beauty.
  • Rocks Pair with Other Elements in the Yard
    Rock elements offer a neutral color palette that makes them easy to pair with flowers and plants having a similar color to them. Rock elements also make it easy to create a contrast that, in return, adds visual interest to your yard. Pair a brightly-colored plant with a neutral-colored rock to create a dramatic statement. Consider contacting a Las Vegas landscaping company that boasts an experienced team. Centerpoint Landscaping will quickly elevate the beauty of your yard with plants, stones and trees.

3. Want More? Bring on the Water Features

Centerpoint Landscaping - water features

Water features, if thoughtfully installed, can add serenity, movement, and beauty to your yard. Water features also create soothing sounds and a visually appealing setting that will transform your Las Vegas home into a heavenly place.

Centerpoint Landscaping Company goes beyond adding ponds and fountains. The company knows that there are lots of new and exciting products out there. Products that can instantly transform your yard.

They include:

  • Fountains that look similar to trees and rocks: These thoughtfully designed fountains look like they were part of the natural environment.
  • Firepits with Water elements. Mix the best of both for drama, especially at night!
  • Automatic watering systems: They eliminate the need to manually water plants, thereby, saving you time and effort. Automatic watering systems also keep the yard looking vibrant and lush during the dry seasons in Las Vegas.

With the right balance of elements, you can effortlessly improve the aesthetics of your yard. Ideally, we advise that you give Centerpoint Landscaping a call to help you add visual interest to your yard and other design needs. We are a Las Vegas landscaping company made up of dedicated and highly skilled individuals who go the extra mile to give the outside of your Las Vegas home a stunning look.

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