Case Studies of Successful Landscaping Projects in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

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How do you achieve that magazine-worthy backyard?

The answer is easy, you choose the right Las Vegas Landscape company. The best part about working with a professional landscape team is that they know how to deliver on your dream. They know which plants will provide color throughout the year and which elements work to provide the backdrop your guests will enjoy during all seasons. Here are a few of our gallery examples to inspire your magazine-worthy landscape project.

Trees, Plants and Turf:

In the desert, shade can be scarce. It is vital that trees are planted in the right place and under the correct circumstances to thrive in our harsh environment. Do you have the perfect location to add a deciduous tree or two? You may want to choose trees that drop their leaves in the fall but offer leaf coverage during the summer months. It may serve you better to chose evergreens that can be shaped or even small Mediterranean or Sago palms to create your masterpiece.
Planting in the shade can be difficult, but it is possible to grow desert-friendly plants and create an oasis of your own. Knowing which plants will thrive below or near trees is key.
You may want a less traditional landscape – more of a modern design. Your tree shapes will dictate how this landscape looks. You can create seating, dining, and entertaining areas with the proper trees and foliage.

Spa Sanctuary:

This project shows how to create multiple intimate areas. All the elements in this landscape are sections set up for outdoor dining and entertaining. You might want to use palms, and other evergreen trees that provide a great backdrop to the intimate seating areas.
This landscape is immaculate. All the plants are low maintenance, which is perfect for this project. There is no grass and yet it is bursting with green! The most important part of this landscape is to keep it looking clean.

Large stone and even tile elements are worked together to create elegance and a sense of timelessness. Lighting, water, and plants all work together to provide the stunning surround for the pool. The seating areas abound with a mixture of colors and textures that provide a quiet place to sit while looking at the stars.

Craft Kitchen:

Outdoor kitchen design
When you want to install an outdoor kitchen, the right plan makes all the difference. Your backyard could convert to additional living space as cooking and dining moves outdoors from the spring through the fall. This landscaping project has enough room for a large table, chairs, and stools to extend the eating area for multiple people. What a great way to make a small patio kitchen area sizzle, (sorry!).

You will want to choose the material for your seating that is colorful and durable, and you will want to be able to use them year-round.

You want to create a space where guests can gather and enjoy the Las Vegas weather. This will be the perfect place to entertain family and friends by providing food, drinks, and conversation that will keep them warm on those cool fall evenings.

The shape of the pool and organic elements
This project’s outdoor kitchen is even more of a focal point than the swimming pool. The pool is rounded rather than rectangular, so guests have plenty of room to swim, lounge, and hang out.

This landscape design incorporates some basic but essential ideas to help create a functional and artistic landscape. These are great ways to plan your backyard projects to include elements you like and make them your own. Contact Centerpoint Landscaping to get the ultimate results in your backyard.

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