How to Design a Backyard Patio in Las Vegas

Making a design

Learning how to construct a backyard patio for year-round enjoyment can transform it into the ideal place to make memories. Including design elements produces a practical and appealing space while increasing the value of the property. Your yard will look wonderful for years to come with just the right touch of landscaping elements. Learn about our recommendations on how to design a backyard patio in Las Vegas to make the most of your home.

Why We Love Patio Design

Every landscaping design should serve the functionality of the home. Expand your passion for your house’s interior design to your exterior yard elements, and take steps that allow the two to complement each other and flow together. Adding a patio cover, for example, can serve as shade and privacy. A fire pit can be the finishing touch for a gathering area, giving it a feeling of hearth and home. These are just a couple of ways to combine design and function to shape your outdoor space.

3 Guidelines for Every Backyard

When designing a backyard patio in Las Vegas, use these fundamental guidelines to get the most out of your space. Your yard landscaping will pop with style when you follow these essential tips.

Make it a Year-Round Space

Your backyard should be an exceptional area for entertainment and fun throughout the seasons. Vegas winters are cold, but you typically don’t have to worry about snow. To keep your backyard available for winter use, install a fire pit to provide all the warmth you need on cold winter nights. The real effort comes with preparing for the summer. Fortunately, you can beat the heat with features like a patio cover, which keeps your area in the shade. For example: you might choose an artificial aluminum cover complemented by trees for some natural cover.

Aim for Privacy

No patio should be designed without privacy in mind. Use fences and walls to create privacy to ensure your yard offers the seclusion you want. A natural option involves planting hedgerows. A bonus feature we recommend is setting up your patio cover to have curtains that you can open and close as you see fit. This will get the job done too.

Consider The Seating

The size of your yard and the placement of features should work together. We recommend prioritizing seating for everyone to be comfortable. Opt for adequate seating for regular use while maintaining the freedom to set up additional chairs around your usual sitting area. In a medium to large yard, add two seating areas will supply space for entertainment and mingling.

Create an Outdoor Escape

With these essential tips, you have the tools to make an exceptional backyard. Adding design elements to these basic guidelines will transform your backyard into your unique getaway. If you want help integrating your style with a functional and beautiful design, reach out to Centerpoint Landscaping. We use our years of experience and knowledge to ensure your dream becomes a reality. Contact us today to plan your landscape installation!

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