Landscaping: The Latest in Supply Chain Issues and Solutions

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Supply chain issues and solutions have become challenging for landscapers and their clients. Supply problems from the COVID-19 crisis continue to take effect. Whether you’re having issues with landscape irrigation supplies or a simple lack of lumber, check out the latest supply chain issues and solutions, tips to navigate your next big project, and how Centerpoint Landscaping can help.

Shortages and Problems

Projects and demand continue to rise; however, many still struggle to get their footing due to cut-offs that occurred during the pandemic. One major battle for many is the labor shortages. Companies are trying to hire staff to match the increase in demand. It is a worker’s market, and the quick rise in demand and slow hire rate has affected production and supply chain shortages.

Freight issues continue, partially related to the labor shortage. Fewer ships, aircraft, and trucks are on the road to deliver supplies. Many want to know where their orders are; the short answer is that their shipments are hung up at warehouses, trucks, ports, or even at sea.

There is a shortage in parts necessary for production, such as irrigation technology. Many have put their projects on hold due to the lack of proper tools or items.

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What to Do?

To navigate these issues here’s what we recommend:

The first step is to stay flexible with timelines. Freight delay is inevitable. If you’re working with a company that needs to extend a deadline, try to be understanding and malleable. The job will still get done; it just might take longer. We recommend taking delays into account when considering timelines and deadlines for projects. 

Consider all the options available to you if a specific supply is unavailable. You may even find that creative solutions end up providing superior results. Work with your contractor because they have knowledge and professional experience that may present a unique alternative.

Take into consideration the rise in costs. Build in a cushion to your budget so if problems arise, you are prepared financially to come up with the best solution for the project. You can also take advantage of a payment program with some contractors. Utilizing a payment program may offer more freedom in the design. Click here to learn more about Centerpoint Landscaping’s financing options.

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Finally, contact the pros to get help and ideas upfront. A professional can give insight into the most current information. The right advice helps you avoid supply chain issues and find solutions to help move your project forward. For more help or to get started, contact Centerpoint Landscaping or call us today!

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