Why Is My Water Bill So High?

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We all know that water bills are expensive. But it’s not just the amount you pay for water that can add up—it’s also the amount you use. If your family has a large lawn or garden, then you might be pumping a lot of water into it every month. And if you’re using too much water outside your home, then your bill could be higher than necessary as well. So why is your bill so high? And what steps can you take to reduce it while still maintaining a beautiful landscape?

Are you wondering how to reduce your water bill?

The first step is to determine the cause of your high usage. Is it because of a leak or other problem in the house? If so, this will be an easy fix and you should call a plumber immediately. If not, here are some other things to consider to reduce your high usage:

  • Install desert landscaping.
  • Check your yard for leaks.
  • Consider replacing grass with artificial turf.

Save on Water Bills with Desert Landscaping

Desert landscaping uses less water than traditional landscaping. The plants in a desert landscape are native to the area and therefore require less water to thrive. You can save even more money by using an efficient drip irrigation system for your plants, which also helps conserve water.

Desert landscaping is beautiful and cost effective! If you want to create an inviting space for your family or guests, consider incorporating desert elements into your yard design. Not only will this look amazing, but it will also be easy on your wallet since these types of trees and shrubs don’t need as much care or maintenance as other types of plants do (like grass).

Use mulch around trees and shrubs instead of watering them directly whenever possible; this will help retain moisture in their root systems so they won’t need watered as often throughout summer months when temperatures rise above 90 degrees outside every day during summer months.

Check your yard for leaks.

The first step to reducing your water bill is to check for leaks in your yard. Make sure that your irrigation is working and does not have any malfunctions. Often a broken sprinkle head or drip irrigation used on with an automatic timer can go unnoticed because you may not be in the yard when it is running.

These types of leaks are usually hard for homeowners to detect on their own but can cause significant water bills if left unchecked for too long! Look for signs of water running down your driveway or an erosion of dirt.

Consider Artificial Turf to replace living grass.

While you can choose from many options to save on your water bill, the most cost-effective is to Switch your grass for artificial turf. By doing so you will have lower water bills, less work, and more time to enjoy your property. These are just three of the many excellent reasons to incorporate artificial grass into your landscape design. Turf can be used for putting greens and play areas too. Imagine combining all the beautiful landscaping elements such as fire pits, water features, and gorgeous plants with low-maintenance artificial turf. You get the best of all possibilities in an easy-care outdoor living environment.


You can save a lot of money on your water bill by taking these steps!
The most important thing you can do to save money on your water bill is to make sure you’re not wasting it. If you’re not sure how much water is being used in your home, there are a few ways to check:

  • Get an estimate from a local landscaper about how much it would cost to convert your lawn into desert landscaping (if applicable). This can really help cut down on how much irrigation is needed each month–and save quite a bit of cash overall!
  • Check for leaks by running your irrigation system (when you are home to observe it) for 5 minutes, then looking for run-off spots or discolored areas on the driveway.
  • Install artificial grass to enjoy a maintenance free, (no mowing) green yard year-round.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. We know that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to saving money, but we hope that these tips will inspire you! We encourage you to reach out to us here at Centerpoint Landscaping anytime for answers to all of your landscape questions.

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