May Gardening Tips

May in Southern Nevada can be hot, dry, and windy. Take precautions to make sure all watering systems are working at their best. Now is the time to increase watering to 6 days a week, excluding Sundays, as recommended by Southern Nevada Water District.

Lantana, red bird of paradise, Arizona yellowbells and other winter damaged plants may be emerging at this time. Do not remove them prematurely. These plants should come back from most winters.

Planting during this month is successful. The Vitex, oleander, crape myrtle, roses, bird of paradise, Texas sage, red yucca and most xeriscaping plants will thrive when planted during this month. Be sure to water thoroughly when first planted and most plants will require extra watering by watering hose and irrigation system for the first 2 months, or through the first summer.

Trees will also fall into this category.  Please follow the directions as noted above for Ash trees, fruitless olive, desert willow, Chitalpa, Pine trees, Live Oak, Chinese Pistache, and many more.

Crape Myrtle will begin to show flower buds at this time and will need regular watering when flowers begin to develop. They like fertilizing and resist leaf burn if given a soil acidifying product such as soil sulfur and chelated iron in conjunction with a regular fertilizer. Remove faded flower tips regularly.

Fertilizing on a schedule can make a significant difference in the color, growth production and overall health of your trees and plants. Nitrogen is a key component in most fertilizers and is constantly dissipating from watered soils. Nitrogen rich fertilizer replenishes what is lost during normal watering. Fertilizing is best done before 100 degree temps.

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