Best DIY Tips to Grow Your Herbs and Vegetables

Best DIY Tips to Grow Your Herbs and Vegetables

Whether you have a large yard or a tiny patio, vegetable and herb gardens are an easy way to add a touch of greenery to your home. Everyone enjoys the special taste that only fresh herbs add to meals, and think of the fun you will have harvesting them from your own yard. 

The Las Vegas summer temperatures can be shocking for newly planted herbs and vegetables. Centerpoint Landscaping recommends that you do not plant in July and August. Instead, start a garden in early spring or fall. Seeds should be planted when nighttime temperatures are around 50 degrees. 

Where you plant matters

Herbs and vegetables do best when placed in the ground or a raised planter. It is essential to grow your herbs in rich, well-drained soil and give them regular water. Because of our severe summer heat, locating your garden in an area with afternoon shade will guarantee the best results. Some herb varieties that do well in our climate include basil, cilantro, mint, and rosemary. By the way, mint is an aggressive grower. Give it plenty of room, or it may just take over! 


Centerpoint Landscaping can help you irrigate your new garden. We suggest using drip irrigation. We use polytubes with variable emitters spaced adequately apart. Herb and vegetable gardens do best when run at a different frequency and time than the rest of your landscape, so it should be on an independent valve.  


Vegetables have been growing fruitfully in our extremely hot and dry climates for years. Growing vegetables can be done with a modicum of planning. 

If you have an impermeable layer near the surface, have Centerpoint Landscaping build a raised planter bed for you. We will fill them with nutrient-rich planting soil and fertilizer.   

When choosing the location for your garden, select a spot with good airflow while avoiding extremely windy areas.  


Herbs are good for everyone. Cooking variations can add taste and aroma to all your dishes. Therapeutic herbs can help with medicinal recovery and prevention. Herbs can even be used in air freshener sachets. Almost all provide scent and beauty to your garden. 

It is important to fertilize when you first plant your herbs as well as regularly throughout the growing season for continuous, controlled production. 

With patience, plus heeding our suggestions and some of your own research, you should be able to reap the fruits of your labor.  


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