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Whether your style is bold or minimalistic, your backyard should be as low maintenance as possible. Low maintenance backyards are easy to keep up, fit within your daily routine, and manage to look great while doing it. What turns a backyard into a low maintenance design, you may ask? The experts at Centerpoint Landscaping are here to walk you through every aspect of low-maintenance backyards!

Start Your Low Maintenance Backyard with a Budget and Financing

One of the first things you should always do when plotting out your low-maintenance backyard design is to talk to a Centerpoint Landscaping professional about your budget. Your budget is what you feel confident spending overall for your backyard. Don’t be afraid to go big with this number; if you love your home, you’ll have the backyard of your dreams. If you plan to sell, a good landscaping design will increase your home’s value. Find a number you can live with and apply for financing through Centerpoint as needed.

Low Maintenance Means a Hands-Off Experience

When we call a backyard’ low maintenance’, we’re usually referring to what’s needed to keep it up, but that’s not the only definition! Having your backyard design installed can also be a low maintenance process.

At Centerpoint Landscaping, we have a vetted process that makes your backyard installation as smooth as possible. This process includes a site visit, 3D design, in-person review, bidding, and plan submission to local boards or HOAs, and that’s not even everything! All you, the customer, needs to do is say yes! It can’t get much more relaxed than that.

Find the Type of Garden You Want

The most fun part of designing a backyard is looking up inspiration! Find your must-haves. If you love the look of a Japanese garden but don’t have a lot of space, ask your Centerpoint landscaper what they recommend to get the overall vibe without sacrificing functionality. Do you entertain a lot outdoors? Custom pavers for lots of seating could be just the style you want for your backyard. A professional from Centerpoint Landscaping can convert any backyard design into a low maintenance option!

Once Installed, Maintenance Is Most Important

Once you have your gorgeous, low-maintenance backyard installed, you have to maintain it! No matter what style you choose, keeping it trimmed and in good condition is vital to enjoying your backyard design for a long time. If you don’t want to deal with the headache of pruning trees and spraying weeds, consider signing up for a landscaping maintenance program. Remember, the team here at Centerpoint Landscaping is always here to help! If we can do anything to make your backyard just a little more low maintenance for you, let us know.

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