Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your Las Vegas Home

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Landscaping is vital in a hot and arid climate like Nevada’s. Seasons are marked more by a calendar than by the changing weather. Check out a few fall landscaping tips that will help your Las Vegas yard look fantastic while surviving the passing months. 

Choose Plants That Thrive in the Desert

Vegas possesses a scorching environment, so the more greenery you have, the more water you’ll need. Given that water conservation is a big issue, it’s essential to use native desert plants. Cactuses, for example, can come in many colorful varieties and produce eye-catching flowers. You can also look into several long-lasting shrubs and ornamental grasses such as Agave plants. 

Need additional help with your herbs and vegetables? Keep them thriving by following this guide

Consider Low-Maintenance Features

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Consider using features like pebble bases and rock gardens. These formations can add unique and attractive details to your landscape without requiring heavy maintenance. Likewise, eccentric styles of Southwestern pottery can also add a stunning look to your yard. A beautiful landscape does not always need high maintenance. Something as simple as rock beds can be a solid way to showcase your plants, whatever they might be.

Low-Maintenance Features landscaping
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Everyone likes water features, but remember that we live in an area where water conservation is paramount. Building ponds and fountains may not be the best choice unless they are somehow renewable.

Check out our portfolio of features for more inspiration here

Get Creative With Lighting

Lighting features can bring your landscape to life after it gets dark. You can use track or spotlights in various colors to suit your chosen theme. Modern LED lights are low maintenance and generate very little heat, so you’ll be doing your part to help the environment as well.

Creative With Lighting landscaping
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Be Diverse in Your Choices

Don’t be afraid to mix up your choices. Wide-open spaces can look great when decorated with rocks or pebbles. You can even get innovative with colors by creating the illusion of a flowing riverbed made entirely of colored stone and rock. A dry riverbed can also add a realistic feature to your desert landscape with its stark beauty. Consider constructing flagstone or cement tiled walkways, patios, and accents to pull it all together. 

Stone landscaping
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Hardscaping vs. Softscaping

Hardscaping focuses on features like steel, poured concrete, rock, and gravel to create a stunning landscape design. Pavers are also a great choice to stand up to weather and wear, and shape the look of the landscape you desire. You have a wide choice of colors that stand out from the landscape and make a strong statement.

Softscaping, on the other hand, inspires to reflect the surrounding area. In a softscape, you’ll see features worked into the existing landscape and colors that match or copy it. Bare wood, native greens, and sunset hues are usually popular choices. 

For more help or fall inspiration for your Las Vegas landscape, contact Centerpoint Landscaping or give us a call today!

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