Pet-Friendly Landscaping

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A happy pet and a beautiful landscape are mutually compatible. You may have heard or even experienced horror stories of dogs destroying gardens, digging up lawns, or ending up in the vet ER for eating the wrong plant. With a few minor changes or modifications, your story can be different.

What is a Dog Friendly Landscape

A dog friendly landscape is a space where you and your dog both can enjoy beauty and a safe environment. The area should be big enough for your dog to run about and play without risk of injury and it needs to be designed to prevent accidental plant poisoning. A pet-friendly landscape keeps your dog happy and healthy and lowers the risk of dog behavior issues, pests, and environmental harm. 

Designing a Pet Friendly Landscape

The motivation behind designing the optimal landscape is ensuring you and your dog’s needs are met. So, here are some considerations.

Make space for Fido 

Pets, more so dogs, need at least half an hour to two hours of exercise daily. To ensure that your dog is healthy without you having to schedule numerous walks, some room to run at home is ideal. If you own a home with a backyard, making it pet-friendly starts by removing weeds and toxic plants. Adding small grass areas in your backyard are a perfect play area for your pets. 

Avoid Toxic Plants

To avoid the harrowing experiences of visiting the vet ER at odd hours, refrain from using toxic plants. This is a small list. Do your research before your plant. Do not use:

  • Mistletoe
  • Hemlock
  • Oleander
  • Peace lilies
  • And many palm varieties – especially the Sago Palm

Dog Friendly Plants 

Ground Cover

Ground cover plants provide a lovely view and prevent weeds by out-competing them for nutrients and water. Some of the most common ground cover plants include:

  • Australian racer
  • Lantana
  • Rocky ice plant
  • Creeping thyme

These plants are hearty and do well to add beauty and be low maintenance. No plant should be considered completely pet safe completely because any dog could have allergies. 

  • Crepe myrtles- a tree or shrub depending on how you prune it. 
  • Basil – you will love picking a few leaves of this herb to use in your meals 
  • Golden Bells – a pop of color 

There are many more. Again, do your research. Your pet can’t do it for you!

Consider a Dog Friendly Fence

A good fence offers certain benefits to your pet’s overall well-being, such as keeping your little explorer within reach. New spaces are exciting places for your dog to explore. However, such spaces are the hub of dangers like fast cars, rabid animals, and pet thieves. Studies have shown that approximately two million dogs are stolen in the U.S. yearly. Dogs at increased risk of theft include bulldogs, Pomeranians, terriers, and chihuahuas.

Watch for spaces your dog can wiggle through to get out when getting a fence. Avoid sharp ends as they may cause undue injury. You can consider fencing a part of the space for larger yards and planting dog-friendly flowers. Alternatively, an invisible electric fence is as good choice for a lower budget and a quicker installation time. 

Consider Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf offers no staining and no need for lawn work, including mowing and watering. Artificial turf also prevents your dog from digging. However, you may be forced to pay some money to install synthetic turf.

Add Durable Statues or Art

Beautiful things can be very durable. Many statues today are constructed of concrete or resin. They can withstand the elements and be hosed off of they become a favorite marking spot. Outdoor metal art is popular as well. Just be sure that it your choice doesn’t have sharp edges. 

To limit your dog digging up all over the place, a sandbox with sand and mulch and your dog’s favorite toys can be the final piece for your beautiful Las Vegas Landscape design. With dog friendly landscaping, you will create an environment you and your four-legged bundle of joy can enjoy. 

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