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New plants can be added to your Las Vegas yard most of the year, however, it can be especially nice to plant in the fall for a variety of reasons. Fall usually has warm and calm weather; it is a period when the heat from summer starts waning and it is a lovely way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Reasons Why Fall Is a Perfect Time to Plant for Landscaping

1. Moderate Weather

Fall is warm, not hot; its days and nights have calm weather, making it a perfect time for plants to acclimate to your yard. Spring can be unreliable because it often has harsh swings to cold (it has snowed here in April) or hot temperatures into the high 90s. Sometimes Las Vegas seems to skip spring and go right to summer. Winter may be too cold to establish new plants. Plants will have found their root systems by spring when they are planted in the fall.

2. Fewer Chores

You may notice there is a little less maintenance work needed in your yard as the grass slows down and leaves haven’t fallen yet. This means less chores are in the way of new landscape projects. It is a nice time of the year to get kids interested in gardening.

3. There Are Fewer Weeds and Pests

Pests are less active during the fall after competing for resources in the summer. They will create fewer problems if you landscape your yard with new plants. Weeds are also less active during fall, so there will be little to no weed competition for the new shrubs or vegetation you plant.

Ideas for Fall Landscaping

1) Include Texture and Color

Select various colorful plants and mix them to create a colorful landscape. Choose among seasonal flowers and plants that can add color and texture to your yard. Of course, evergreens can make the most sense where less maintenance is desired.

2) Consider Developing Themes in Your Garden to Create a Unique Landscape

If you want your fall yard to be unique, arrange your plants in various repetitive shapes. Many themes can be put in place in your yard. Are you a sports fan? What about a multi-purpose netted area? Consider adding a metal art gallery or statuary.

Or, it may be time to consider adding a Japanese theme to your yard.

What Should You Plant In Your Yard For Landscaping During Fall In Las Vegas?

When fall sets in and the summer heat start cooling off, it is an appropriate time to look for new trees, perennials, and shrubs to be established in the ground. Select plants that can thrive in hot desert climates, similar to Las Vegas’s environment.

Trees, Hardy Perennials, and Shrubs

In Las Vegas, you must plant trees, perennials, and shrubs to establish roots at the start of fall. Ensure you monitor the plants weekly before winter arrives. To prevent them from succumbing to the heat of the dry climate, set up a layer of mulch in the garden.

Desert palm trees such as canary date palms, Mexican fan palms, and shady tipu trees are ideal for the Las Vegas climate. Las Vegas plants such as Red Yucca, desert marigold, and Bird of Paradise are perfect for landscaping.


You want to choose the tough grasses that can survive the climatic conditions of Las Vegas. Indian bluegrass, Indian ricegrass, and Burmuda grass be grown at the start of fall. These grasses grow best in calm weather, so the beginning of fall is an ideal time to plant them.

Fall is the ideal time to plant your yard’s landscape. The crisp nights and cool days make it a more comfortable climate, and the soil temperatures are usually warm, meaning plants can establish roots. Because fall comes shortly before winter, plants typically go dormant and stop producing leaves, flowers, and fruits. They focus their energy on fortification and root growth as they wait for winter. If you need more information about yard landscaping, contact our specialists at Centerpoint Landscaping.

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