Do’s and Don’ts When Planning Landscape Design in Las Vegas

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Many Las Vegas homeowners are looking for ways to improve the outdoor area in their homes. The challenge is balancing the need for shade with the need for space. This article will go through some of the do’s and don’ts when planning a landscape design in Las Vegas.

Do’s When Planning Landscape Design in Las Vegas

Water Your Plants Deeply Once a Week

Water your plants deeply once a week. It will help the roots grow deep into the ground, making your plant more drought resistant and less likely to have issues during the dry summers. It will also make them less likely to be visited by pests. We recommend installing drip and sprinkler irrigation systems to prevent forgetting and increase plant health. 

Use Good Quality Soil

Don’t skimp on the cost of your soil. Cheaper soil lacks nutrients and will not give plants the nutrition needed for healthy growth. It also doesn’t help the water drain around your plant. Proper drainage is essential to prevent standing water around the root system.

Prune Shrubs Regularly

Tired of pulling thorns out of your dog’s paws or accidentally walking into a bush? To prevent unhappy pets, make sure to prune shrubs regularly. Maintaining your plants by pruning keeps the yard looking pristine, easier to clean, and safer for everyone in the household. 

Managing Sunlight for Plants

When planning your landscape design, consider the placement of your plants and when the sun will hit them. If a plant is meant for only partial sun, avoid placing it in the middle of your yard, unguarded from the Las Vegas heat. It’s crucial to choose plants that are drought-friendly and have access to water and shade when they need it. 


Don’ts When Planning Landscape Design in Las Vegas

Don’t Use a Synthetic Fertilizer

Synthetic pesticides or fertilizers can sometimes be more harmful to your plants than a stressful period like a drought. To keep them healthy, use a good quality organic fertilizer with no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, which are less likely to harm your plants in the long run. 

There are other options to keep your yard in great condition like placing artificial turf. In fact, artificial turfs are more cost-effective and maintenance friendly compared to real grass. For busy homeowners, this can be the perfect choice to enjoy the outdoors in their own home. 

Don’t Overplant

There are a lot of shrubs, flowers, trees, and ground covers that you can choose from when picking out your landscape design services in Las Vegas. However, please don’t overdo it. Too many plants will take away from the overall look of your yard by making it look crowded, bushy, and untidy. Full sun landscape ideas need care, and it is crucial to pay special attention to the placement of tree and shrub  installations as well as landscape lighting.


Centerpoint Landscaping has over 20 years of experience helping homeowners design beautiful landscape ideas in their yards with full sun landscape plans. They have built their business on repeat customers with satisfactory experiences and friends and family who got their recommendations. For more information on how they can assist you today, contact them at 702-564-1853 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

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