5 Sustainable Landscaping Ideas for Las Vegas Homes

Sustainable Landscaping

The hot and arid climate of Las Vegas makes it daunting to maintain a healthy and lush landscape. However, you can rely on the right sustainable landscaping ideas to create a stunning landscape that will instantly improve the visual appeal of your Las Vegas home. Consider the tips below to achieve this.

1. Use Native Plants

Xeriscape ideas range from using desert plants to hardscaping. Xeriscaping is a highly recommended landscaping technique in a challenging desert climate. It allows landscapers to design landscapes such that it needs little to no water. One of the best ways to adopt xeriscaping is to use native plants.

These plants require low maintenance since they have proven they can thrive naturally in the Las Vegas climate. They need less water compared to their non-native counterparts. They also have other advantages such as helping preserve local natural ecosystems and providing food, shelter, and nectar for local wildlife such as pollinators and plants.

2. Install a Drip Irrigation System

Did you know that a drip irrigation system can reduce the amount of water you use in your Las Vegas garden by up to 50%? The method also increases water efficiency by making sure at least 90% of the water gets into the soil surface. Since the climate of Las Vegas is hot and dry, it makes sense to include a drip irrigation system in your landscaping ideas.

Additionally, this irrigation system discourages diseases in plants, prevents erosion, and saves money. Overall, the system offers a hassle-free way to maintain your Las Vegas lawn. Although the concept behind drip irrigation systems is simple, it is recommended that you contact a landscaping company to help you with the setup process.

3. Use Rocks, Boulders, and Pavers

Hardscaping is where you use non-living things to improve the visual appeal of your landscape. These non-living things include garden rocks, decorative boulders, and stone pavers. They eliminate the need to have lots of plants in your Las Vegas garden, and fewer plants mean less time maintaining the lawn and garden.

Hardscapes only require occasional cleaning; they do not need pruning, mowing, weeding, or watering. Furthermore, hardscapes help save on water usage, plus most of them increase home value. Their only drawback is that they can be a bit tricky to install. That is why you need to work with an experienced company like Centerpoint Landscaping.

4. Install Automatic Watering Systems

To take desert landscaping to the next level, you need to have an automatic watering system installed in your Las Vegas home. The obvious benefit of this well-thought-out system is that it is not labor intensive; all you need to do is set it up and forget. Automatic watering systems also help improve water efficiency.

Most professional landscaping companies prefer to strategically place automatic watering systems in the backyard to help create a focal point and a natural scene. Since the climate of Las Vegas is dry, the automatic watering system will attract birds and insects of different species. This mimics the natural water sources, which further improves the aesthetics of your Las Vegas landscape design.

5. Consider Artificial Grass/Synthetic Turf

The dry climate of Las Vegas makes maintaining natural grass hard; hence, to fix this, consider artificial grass. Synthetic turf is easier to maintain than natural grass, and that is because it requires no water or trimming. Besides, installing it is fast and easy.

To give your artificial grass a more natural look, consider using pebbles to create walkways. You can also add succulents to the sides to ensure a showy finish. For proper installation of artificial grass, consider working with a highly qualified company like Centerpoint Landscaping.

There are several sustainable landscaping ideas for Las Vegas homeowners. With them, you can come up with an eco-friendly and beautiful outdoor space that will

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