What You Need To Know About Governor Sisolak’s Bill To Remove Non-Functional Grass

Non Functional Grass

Nevada has become the first state to forbid certain grass areas by this new bill. Don’t worry; you’re not losing your lawn. Check out everything you need to know about Governor Sisolak’s new bill to remove non-functional grass throughout Nevada.

You’re Not Losing Your Yard

The first and likely most important thing to understand about this bill is that it’s not banning front and backyards. The bill includes an express exemption for single-family homes, schools, ball fields, parks, and golf courses. You’ll still be able to relax on your front lawn and play a pickup football game at the local field.

What Is Going Away?

The bill focuses on “decorative” grass, which refers to grassy patches between the streets, sidewalks, traffic circles, roadways, businesses, and apartment buildings.

The measure is likely to end up removing up to 40% of the total grass in and around Las Vegas (Associated Press). It also requires that about 6 square miles of land currently grassy be replaced with something else like concrete. It encompasses approximately 5,000 acres of new turf that is purely decorative.

Why Is This Happening?

Nevada is in the midst of a historic drought that has continued increasing for over 20 years. Most of the water in Southern Nevada is from the Colorado River, while Lake Mead currently sits at its lowest water level.

The removal of decorative grass is expected to conserve about 25 million gallons of water every day throughout the region and estimates around 11 gallons of water per person in the area daily.

How Will This Be Accomplished?

Removing all of this turf is falling to the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). Under the bill, by December 31, 2026, the Colorado River may not be used by SNWA member agencies to irrigate non-functional grass. The SNWA is creating an advisory committee of nine members drawn from community leaders in all sectors to accomplish this task.

For more information about what this means for you or learn how you can do your part to conserve water in Las Vegas, contact Centerpoint Landscaping today!

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