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  • 08/04/2020 0 Comments
    Relaxing Luxury with the Benefit of Added Home Value

    Centerpoint Landscaping transformed this backyard while creating a space for the homeowners to enjoy. By creating an appealing aesthetic and usable space we added value to their home. 


    If you are in the process of engaging a landscaping company to transform your backyard then we are your best choice. We transformed this yard into a cozy and pleasurable area. 


    With our experience, we know how to bring the best value to your property. Our designed add not only visual appeal but also great value to your house.


    When we undertook this project, we tasked our expert design staff with creating a stunning yard to enjoy.


    When we took over the backyard it was a featureless backyard space with some unplanned plants and shrubbery.


    The client wanted a water feature to be the center of the landscaping. He also wanted an outdoor living area complete with plants and a fire pit to spend the evening with family in the comfort of the open sky.


    Based on his inputs we designed a unique landscaping plan and reviewed the 3D design which was liked by him and his wife and with minimal changes we finalized the design blueprint and got approval from the HOA.


    We placed a three piped water spills to be the focal point of the design, leaving the pipe endings to be bare without any decorative fittings to bring in a natural rustic look to the water feature.


    We undertook construction of a retaining wall running through the length of the backyard with desert planting beds on both sides of the water feature.


    For the walkway we used Sierra blend plaza Stone in Herringbone pattern to bring a natural and classic look.


    To feed the water with enough water we installed a pond pump that ran the water through charcoal biofilter and a matching cleanout for maintaining the purity of the water.


    We also constructed the CMU walk for the two planters, this was finished with stack stone facing material, a concrete capstone was installed as well.


    A premium artificial turf was installed on both the sides of the firepit and the turf was given a unique design to add to the overall landscape.


    At the center of the backyard in front of the water feature, a platformed fire pit was installed. This area of the backyard can be used as a party area for gatherings.


    The landscape design included the planting of specially selected plant species that added both look and life to the landscaped area.


    We provided LED lighting fixtures in the landscaped area as a part of the landscaping package. To supply power to the LED lights we installed wiring and transformer.


    Our experienced team of landscaping personnel undertook each part of the project with determination to complete the project well within the approved project budget and within the time we agreed.


    Our team of workers also worked in a cohesive and focused manner to bring the project to its successful completion with complete satisfaction of the homeowner. 


    We undertook to transform a barren space into a thriving living area. This landscaped backyard has been transformed into a place to spend hours. 


    We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on such a project. We have proved yet again that we are a customer-oriented company and as such will continue to put our best foot forward to deliver world-class service to our customers. 



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  • 07/07/2020 - Meghan Corrigan 0 Comments
    Small Space Turned Into a Tranquil Oasis

    Is your yard looking a little dull and outdated?  Have you even paid any attention lately to give it that WOW factor, or to see if it has any?  Have you always wanted to add a covered patio to enjoy?

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  • 06/21/2020 0 Comments
    Father's Day Introduction to our President

    We want to take this time on Father’s Day to introduce you to our President, Steven Salomon.

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  • 06/10/2020 0 Comments
    Leaf Cutter Bees

    Leafcutter bees

    You may see the evidence of Leaf Cutter bees in your yard, the distinct half circles taken out of soft leaves. Leaf cutters are active in warmer temps and carry cut leaves to construct their nests nearby.

    These bees are solitary or non-social bees, meaning they do not form hives and each bee assumes the role of both queen and worker. Leafcutter bees are not aggressive and have a very mild sting that is used only when they are handled. They are relatively harmlessness to humans.

    They are great pollinators and carry pollen on their underbellies, pollinating 95 out of every 100 flowers they visit. Pollen is more likely to stick to the next flower they land on carried in this way.

    Leaf cutter bees prefer soft tender leaves and often new growth. Japanese Blueberry, Chinese Pistache, and Ash trees are commonly affected by Leaf cutters in the Southwest.

    While you may worry about the impact on your plants, you may be relieved to hear they usually do not remove enough leaf tissue to cause damage to plants. In fact, attempts to eliminate leaf cutter bees from your yard is discouraged due to the limited damage they cause and that insecticides are generally not effective as they do not eat the leaves they cut. In conclusion, you should probably just let them beeee.

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  • 05/20/2020 0 Comments
    May Gardening Tips

    May in Southern Nevada can be hot, dry, and windy. Take precautions to make sure all watering systems are working at their best. Now is the time to increase watering to 6 days a week, excluding Sundays, as recommended by Southern Nevada Water District.

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